If you're new to Ridge Church or to our WeMove initiative, thanks for peeking behind the curtain! This site was designed specifically to help us track with the progress of our two-year initiative. Our goal from the beginning has been to move people into inviting, serving, connecting, and giving here at Ridge. If you call this place your church home, it is our hope that you would choose to engage in these four things as you grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

We work hard to protect our Sunday morning environments as a safe and welcoming place where you can invite your friends.  We want you to feel confidently they'll have a great experience, so we save all the details about things like fundraising and building plans for just this type of place. We hope the information on this site will be helpful, but if there's ever anything we can do to answer any questions along the way, just contact us.


A lot has happened since we launched this initiative, and we want to make sure you know where we've come from and where we stand. Follow the links below to find your place in the WeMove story. Thanks for being a part of this mission!