It's time to fully engage.

If you’ve read this far then hopefully you’re getting as excited as we are about what’s ahead. But before you go, we want to make sure you know of all the ways you can be involved in WeMove. We call them the 4 Things, and we believe simply that when we all choose to engage in these things, we give God the opportunity to do something special through us - as people, and as a church. 

We say it this way, “When I move, we Move."


Have you ever discovered something great - simply because someone you know told you about it? How about that great restaurant, or that awesome vacation spot? 

Maybe that’s even how you found out about Ridge Church? Did someone beg you to come saying, “You’ve just gotta come try it,” and you did? We hear stories like that all the time, because for most people it doesn’t take long to figure out this church is different - in a good way. “My kids just love coming here and make us come back every week!” “The messages are so relevant to my life, they make sense and there’s always something I can actually apply.” “I don’t know if I believe everything they do, but I felt like I belonged there and I’m going back.” It might be safe to say this is the kind of place you just have to come and see. 

Probably the best part of this approach is that it’s pressure-free, and you’re not required to have all the answers.

Interestingly enough, that “come and see” curiosity is actually how the church grows. People who love Ridge invite their friends because they care about them and know they’d love it too. It’s a natural thing, but it’s also a strategy we call “investing and inviting.” Here’s how it works: simply invest your time in relationships with people - at work, at school, at ball practice, or even at your favorite places to eat. Then when the time is right and your relationship gives you the opportunity, invite them to Ridge because it's something you love and you know they will too. It’s not “weird" because you’re not trying to get something from them, instead you want something for them and it just makes sense.

Imagine this - your kids play soccer with another family’s kids, so you see them every week at practice. You start to get to know each other over time and they learn you attend Ridge Church. At some point when the opportunity presents itself you just say, “you’ve gotta come and check out Ridge for yourselves.” What if they said “yes,” and one Sunday you all meet at the church and made lunch plans afterwards? They may just experience what you already know - that church can be this fun, this helpful, and this comfortable! All you did was “invest” and “invite.” You get to experience the joy of helping along someone’s faith journey, and Ridge Church grows in influence in our community as more people realize it’s not as difficult to connect with God as they thought it might be.

Probably the best part of this approach is that it's pressure-free, and you’re not required to have all the answers. You’re simply sharing with someone you care about, something you care about. Invest, and INVITE.


The idea of serving isn’t new to most of us. It’s actually pretty common for us to give at least some our time to things we believe in - like walking or running for a good cause, or giving time at a local school or community outreach program. There’s just something inside us that knows its good to give back. But have you ever thought of volunteering at the church that way?

It’s both fun and rewarding - and what you do every single week matters in someone else’s life.

Volunteers at Ridge do all kinds of things, from parking cars or greeting guests at the door, to having fun with kids or leading a small group, or even pushing buttons in production. There’s something that fits literally everyone in some way, no matter what your skill or passion. And that same feeling you get when you help someone else, you get when you volunteer here. It’s both fun and rewarding - and what you do every single week matters in someone else’s life. 

If you’re looking to meet people or just get more closely connected to what’s going on at Ridge, signing up to volunteer is probably the fastest way to do that. There’s no way we could even think about pulling off a Sunday morning without our amazing teams of volunteers! They are the true “insiders,” and we work hard to create the kind of experience for those that serve that makes them want to be here. It takes a team to reach the people in our city, and what you do when you volunteer matters. We need you!


Connection is something just about all of us need and desire. You might even say we were made for it. And here at Ridge we believe that real, meaningful growth in our lives happens best in the context of a small group of people. Think about it - who do you know best? Chances are good you haven’t built your most meaningful relationships in big rooms with tons of people staring at a presentation. More than likely your most influential relationships were formed in small circles of people connected in some way to some stage of your life. 

At Ridge we believe in the power of small groups - so we offer all kinds of groups, each with a different focus or purpose. Community Groups are available for married or single adults that choose to meet together in homes each week. The focus in community groups is just that - community. Community groups often share a meal together, read the Bible together, and stay up-to-date on what’s new. And at different times throughout the year we also offer Connection Groups, which focus on key aspects of life such as how we handle our money, how to be a better mom or wife, and even where to start with the idea of faith.

More than likely your most influential relationships were formed in small circles of people connected in some way to some stage of your life.

In short, we’re passionate about people connecting in groups because we’re convinced sustained life-change happens in the context of community. Everyone needs or will need someone the can laugh or cry with at some point in their life, and small groups provide a safe place to ask difficult questions and share in the real burdens of life. 

At Ridge Church, small groups aren’t just something we want to do - we believe they’re essential!


Someone once said, “there’s no problem money can’t fix.” We’re pretty sure that’s not entirely true, but what is true is that most of us deal with at least a few problems and at at least some amount of money pretty regularly. Our culture is practically fixated on money - just turn on the TV or read the news! In fact there are entire networks and organizations focused entirely on discussing wealth. Money is a big deal to most of us - and that’s nothing new.

we talk about it not because we want anything from you but rather for you

What might surprise you is that Jesus actually had quite a bit to say about how we manage our money - and because of that it’s something we love to talk about as well. We know lots of people have good reasons not to trust the church with money, but we talk about it not because we want anything from you but rather for you. The way we talk about money is in the context of generosity. That’s actually a lot of what Jesus had to say about it, so its what we choose to believe. 

Unfortunately too many people are weighed down by debt and bad financial decisions; and maybe that’s even a part of your story. Our hope is that people experience joy and freedom in their lives when it comes to money, and Jesus taught us a simple process for how we can experience that. All we have to do is prioritize the resources God gives us to manage:

Give first. Save second. Live on the rest. If you stop and think about it for a second, that’s really a fool-proof plan! 

For that first step, one place to start is by giving to the local church. The church was God’s idea and His invention to spread His message to the world. Ridge Church is but one expression of that intention in our city. So why should you trust us with your money? The reality is that literally every dollar you give really does go to creating the kind of church that even the unchurched people of Charlotte want to attend. Life change happens here every week because of what faithful givers entrust us with, and we couldn’t do any of it without their generosity. 

We rely 100% (through tithes and offerings) on the giving of people who call Ridge their church home to help us accomplish our mission of leading people in Charlotte into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Financial resources are a huge part of fulfilling our dreams to be a place where people can belong before they believe, and to do for one what we wish we could do for all. Imagine what could happen if we all just did our part!