Resource the Mission

Resourcing the Mission is all about supporting everything people see and experience every week. A major part of our strategy is to create and resource environments where people can experience connection to God and to each other, and hopefully inspire them to invite people they know to come along with them. Being able to do this well encompasses everything from making sure the grass is cut and the floors are clean, to purchasing curriculum and printing for kids and small groups, to supporting the staff that invest their lives in helping see the church impact the people of our city.

Our general operating budget breaks down into 5 simple categories: family ministries (preschool through high school), community groups, staffing, facilities, and creative programming. How we allocate our resources is designed to help us pursue what we actually value, and we work hard to ensure we are as efficient with our financial resources as possible.

Our goal is to fund the current ongoing ministries and current environments at $450,000 per year for the next two years.

Expand the Vision

We’ve always said it's not about a building, it's about reaching people. And at all ages or stages of life, doing that gets a whole lot easier and way more appealing in spaces that are designed specifically for them. While being a church is about way more than just a building, our facilities provide us with the opportunity to create experiences that inspire people to connect to each other and most importantly, to God.

Currently our students meet in a rented facility across the street that they have quickly outgrown, and our preschool children are completely out of space in our current building. So we’ve designed a 10,000 square foot expansion wing that will include additional rooms for babies and toddlers, as well as a student theater and breakout rooms for student small groups. To increase the efficiency of the space, the majority of the new expansion will also serve as workspaces for our staff team during the week.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to put a down payment on the purchase of our current building, to help finance the construction and furnishing of the building addition, and to resource current and future staffing needs.

Serve our City

It’s not at all about us. In fact we’re here because it’s not about us. We don’t just see partnering with our community as something nice to do - but rather something essential to do. As a church we jumped into this idea several years ago by choosing to ask the question: “if we ceased to exist, who in our city would mourn our loss?” And from there we decided we’d rather do something for someone than nothing for anyone. We call it “doing for one, what we wish we could do for all.”

For the past several years all throughout each year, we've designated a significant portion of our financial resources, and our volunteers have donated hundreds of hours of their time to our first community partner, Piney Grove Elementary School. We literally strive to partner with them in any meaningful way we can - from book drives, to improving the school grounds, to serving the families of the students and staff one-on- one, and more. We work to do more than just solve a need, we serve to make a lasting difference.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 that will go directly to the community outreach efforts at Piney Grove and future community partners over the next two years. 



*The progress of this initiative has been updated, and there may still be ways you can be involved, so after reading through, please make sure to check out any updates we've posted in the navigation above.