Have you ever discovered something great - simply because someone you know told you about it? How about that great restaurant, or that awesome vacation spot? 

Maybe that’s even how you found out about Ridge Church? Did someone beg you to come saying, “You’ve just gotta come try it,” and you did? We hear stories like that all the time, because for most people it doesn’t take long to figure out this church is different - in a good way. “My kids just love coming here and make us come back every week!” “The messages are so relevant to my life, they make sense and there’s always something I can actually apply.” “I don’t know if I believe everything they do, but I felt like I belonged there and I’m going back.” It might be safe to say this is the kind of place you just have to come and see. 

Probably the best part of this approach is that it’s pressure-free, and you’re not required to have all the answers.

Interestingly enough, that “come and see” curiosity is actually how the church grows. People who love Ridge invite their friends because they care about them and know they’d love it too. It’s a natural thing, but it’s also a strategy we call “investing and inviting.” Here’s how it works: simply invest your time in relationships with people - at work, at school, at ball practice, or even at your favorite places to eat. Then when the time is right and your relationship gives you the opportunity, invite them to Ridge because it's something you love and you know they will too. It’s not “weird" because you’re not trying to get something from them, instead you want something for them and it just makes sense.

Imagine this - your kids play soccer with another family’s kids, so you see them every week at practice. You start to get to know each other over time and they learn you attend Ridge Church. At some point when the opportunity presents itself you just say, “you’ve gotta come and check out Ridge for yourselves.” What if they said “yes,” and one Sunday you all meet at the church and made lunch plans afterwards? They may just experience what you already know - that church can be this fun, this helpful, and this comfortable! All you did was “invest” and “invite.” You get to experience the joy of helping along someone’s faith journey, and Ridge Church grows in influence in our community as more people realize it’s not as difficult to connect with God as they thought it might be.

Probably the best part of this approach is that it's pressure-free, and you’re not required to have all the answers. You’re simply sharing with someone you care about, something you care about. Invest, and INVITE.