From the beginning, we broke down the funding part of this initiative (explained here) into three parts: Resource the Mission, Expand the Vision, and Serve our City. But without a doubt the questions we get asked the most center around the expansion of our current facility, which we included under Expand the Vision.

With the ongoing changes to both our needs as a church and the long-term expansion, along with the parking complications discovered in the due diligence and permitting phases of our originally planned project; our original expansion plans are no longer a viable option on this property in Matthews. 

this moment is a HUGE opportunity

While the timelines we've encountered have been longer than anticipated, and the news that we cannot make our current site workable for future needs could feel a bit discouraging - we see this moment as a HUGE opportunity. We've grown in attendance at over 30% per year (average) during this initiative, and we could have hardly imagined needing more space this quickly. So while the timelines could be frustrating, and progress may feel slow, the reality is that at no point in this process were we ever locked into just moving forward in this location. And because of that we actually have options. The current facility is a leased space with a built in option to purchase at any time - so we are free to explore other opportunities at this point, and that is a good thing.  



We've all probably been there before - you know that place where your family just outgrows the car you're driving or the house you're in? There's just not enough room anymore, and changes have to be made. So you start looking for the bigger SUV or the house with the 4th or maybe 5th bedroom to make things work. And with that upgrade comes a bit of an upgrade in price as well. That's really where we are at the moment.

We are currently vetting a handful of properties nearby that all show promise of becoming our next home, and we hope to have a more definite solution in the coming weeks. While we can't say yet for sure exactly where we're going just yet, we do know the upgraded square footage will come with a bit higher price-tag than our original project, so we're asking for your help to Expand the Vision even further. 

As always, if you encounter questions along the way, please contact us and we'll let you know everything we do. We believe that transparency breeds trust, so no question is out of the question. 



For those of you who have already been a part of WeMove, we couldn't be any more grateful. Thanks so much for helping us achieve what we once thought were nearly impossible goals. God has been good! We're on track - if everyone fulfills their original commitments - to hit our original goal, and that is something incredible to celebrate!

We always say this is a "no-guilt ask." If you believe in what God is doing here and can help, we'd love for you to be involved. But if you're in a place where you just can't do more, we understand. We also know that if just 59 families could do what we we've seen happen these past two-years, we could easily reach the finish line if everyone got involved. We hope for 100% participation - every little bit counts. 

We need to raise about $750,000...and we can do this!

We need to raise about $750,000 in about 6 months (end of March 2016), above and beyond our current and regular giving, to have the additional capital to acquire a larger facility and upfit costs. All of the existing funds that were given to Expand the Vision are still available and waiting to be usedwith the exception of costs to up-fit the Warehouse across the street. So we're ready and we can do this!

We would simply ask that you pray about what you can give between now and the end of March 2016 to help us further expand the vision of what God wants to do in our city and community. These pledges in written form aren't just for us, they go a very long way in helping us with the necessary banking conversations involved in this process. So your time in filling one out really matters.  

Thank you for your generosity!

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